Friday, February 27, 2015

Frigid Friday

Scene at Port Lambton This Morning (might as well be in the Antarctic!)

As this record-breaking weather continues, I took off work a half hour early today.  I drove a ways north along the St. Clair River.  I stopped at Cundick Park near Sombra first to look at the waterfowl in one of the few open spots on the Ontario side.

There was a good mix here including a male Ring-necked Duck among the others.  Ten Tundra Swans were here as well.

Some of the Tundras

I stopped at Cathcart Park as well, but nothing of interest there.

Nearby along Baseline Road, the only bird was a Northern Shrike (usual for there).  Normally we would be seeing more birds by this time, but actually there are fewer!  There is very little out in the countryside as I think the raptors got the heck out of here!  Of course many birds are simply dying due to lack of food and trying to combat the cold.

I resorted to photographing a couple of trees!

Oak at Brander Park
I always admired this Sycamore just north of town.  It is beside the old Campbell farm.

Ducks are still perishing or wandering around looking for spots to feed.  Just today as I left work, an out-of-place Canvasback was flying along the road at Brander Park.

It is what is is, but everyone is so tired of this relentless winter and some warm spring air needs to arrive.....yesterday!

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