Friday, March 20, 2015

Local Ice Update

Ice was on the move today.  The St. Clair River filled up with ice coming down from Lake Huron.
Water levels were very high today so perhaps there is a jam somewhere downriver.

Port Lambton area
Just yesterday the river was quite open and many ducks were around.

On my usual Friday afternoon drive up the river, I did not notice any uncommon waterfowl.  Lots of geese, but no rarities!

Here is a scene inland along Indian Creek Road.  We used to get a Red-shouldered Hawk wintering every year along this road, but not in several years.

The ice in the north branch of the Sydenham broke up today and headed downriver.  However, the east branch remains covered in ice.  Just as well since there is no place for it to go and the potential for a jam is high.  Lake St. Clair is solidly frozen at the outlet.

The Snye still remains frozen over (very unusual for this time of year) between the Sydenham and the Johnston Channel.

St. Anne's Island (left)

As expected the Snye here has reversed its flow with excess water coming out of the Sydenham, and is now continuing out the Johnston Channel.

Gulls are feasting on the dead koi at Stewart Wetland.  Hopefully the koi population was decimated!

Dike work is progressing nicely there, and wildlife habitat will be enhanced along the river.

Birds are slowly showing up here.  I heard the first Fox Sparrow singing at Brander Park yesterday morning.
And of course, Turkey Vultures are passing through.

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