Tuesday, March 31, 2015

St. Clair River Scenes

This afternoon turned out quite nice.  Sunny and calm!  And, a nice sunset to end the day.
The morning was different.  We woke up to 10+ cm of snow!  It was clear when I went to bed last night and the forecast called for possibly (but not necessarily) up to 2 cm of snow.  Guess they were wrong again!

Stewart Wetland this morning

I was up to Sombra this evening to attend a function at the museum.  Just prior to the event, I took a couple of photos along the river.  It was very calm.

The Sombra ferry is primed to take up extra traffic now that the old Bluewater Bridge span is closed for over 3 months for rehabilitation.

A few hundred Long-tailed Ducks are still around the Sombra area among the other ducks.  Last year we had several Red-necked Grebes at this time.  I wonder where they are this year?!.

Last evening I was up to Sarnia to attend an interesting presentation on Purple Martins.  Richard (not of the afternoon shift fame) Carr and his wife Susan from Walpole Island gave the talk.  They have erected several martin houses around the Island and Richard bands them.  One of the interesting things he mentioned is that some of the birds return each year to the very same nesting structure.
Last year they were able to get funding for geo-locaters, so they will be looking for returning birds.

Ships are starting to move on the lakes.  These ones at Sarnia are ready to go.

Here is the same location in mid-February.  The Algoma Olympic left last week.

I have been checking out the St. Clair River all my life.  lol!

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