Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday Birding

Since it was a holiday today, I was out birding--what else.  It was quite foggy (always something!) to start the day at Rondeau.  One could hear, but not see several waterfowl species out on the lake, including Long-tailed Ducks.  The ample ice on the lake kept things cool, but it is slowly disappearing.

Eventually, the air quickly cleared though.

It turned out to be warm and sunny (at least for a while).  With yesterday's warm SW wind, many birds had come in including several Brown Thrashers, Easter(n) Phoebes, Easter(n) Towhees, flickers, etc. Some Easter(n) Bluebirds also made an appearance along Lakeshore Road.
It was not a day for much photography though.  The photos I did take just did not turn out well!

Bonaparte's Gulls are building in numbers and it is certainly time to watch for Little Gulls.  I had a couple Little Gulls on this date last year.

Tree Swallows showed up later Wednesday and many were along the St. Clair River yesterday.  I found only two at Rondeau today (along the east beach near the traffic circle) and another at Blenheim Lagoons.

A few more Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were in, but remained camera shy.

Golden-crowned Kinglets were numerous and I managed to pick out one Ruby-crowned in a large flock on south point trail.  Our wintering ones perished, I assume, by mid winter, so it was nice to see this new arrival.  No photo if it though!

No warblers made an appearance today.  Usually we have seen Pine by now and perhaps a Louisiana Waterthrush, but things are late this year needless to say. Steve Charbonneau found a drab Yellow-rumped at the visitor centre yesterday. Obviously it migrated in from somewhere since none wintered in the area.

Blenheim Lagoons have mostly opened up, but some ice still remains.  More waterfowl has arrived and a few Cackling Geese were present.  Pond 3 was mostly frozen and these geese were just standing around looking bored.

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