Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rondeau Round 2

Lots of Ice!

I decided to go to Rondeau again today for lack of anything else to do.  It was certainly a little warmer, but far from what it should be.  Probably fewer birds today, but most of the same birds were seen.

A walk along south point trail yielded the same sapsucker.

There were many more blackbirds today, including several Rusty.

Out on the lake ice I counted 5 Bald Eagles. They eventually got up to fly around.

On my way up Lakeshore Road, the first Eastern Phoebe made an appearance.  Normally it would not be unusual to see ten in the park at this time of year.  I think the earliest spring migrant for me is around March 10.  I took the photo through the car windshield, so it is lousy!

I walked around the visitor centre area for a bit.  The only birds of note were the few Common Redpolls.

Once again today, I walked around the campground again but saw little.  There were quite a few Tree and Song Sparrows though.  I did not come across the Fox Sparrows.
The only different bird from yesterday was a male Eastern Bluebird.

Later, I drove down Erieau Road and noted a some waterfowl sitting on the ice in field.  They were probably wondering when is this ice going to go away!

I checked out Blenheim Lagoons again and the same birds as yesterday were present.  A male Wood Duck was a nice addition.

An interesting plane went over Blenheim.

Gashawk over Blenheim


  1. Where was the field with the Snow Goose Blake ? Thanks.

    1. The Snow Goose was within the lagoon at Pond 5. It has been there since about Thursday. The photo shows birds above pond 5.