Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rondeau and Area March 28

I ventured down to Rondeau in this insanely cold weather.  First stop was the visitor centre to check the feeders.  A few Common Redpolls are still hanging around.

I then walked a bit of south point trail to the lake.  Looks like late January down there!

Along the way I encountered the first Yellow-bellied Sapsucker of the year.  None appeared to have wintered in the park this year (cannot blame them!).

It is late March when we start seeing them.  Record early spring migrant for Rondeau is March 15, which happened back in 2009 according to my records.  That one was 4 days earlier than the previous known record.

Lots of American Tree Sparrows were working the weeds today.

Next walk was the campground.  For the first time since January, I was able to walk the whole thing due to less snow.  Still lots though!  I found another sapsucker there.  Two Fox Sparrows were singing near the north washroom.

They came in this week and none of those wintered here either!

I only found 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets.  The others from the winter may have given up.

I checked the spicebush trail entrance but no birds were present.  It is here we often get the first Louisiana Waterthrush in early April.  My earliest here is March 31.
Phoebes often show up here first.  Normally we would be seeing them by now.

Rondeau Bay is still 95.8% frozen and the only open water is around Erieau.  There may be a bit along the edge of Rondeau's marsh as I could see a number of swans and geese from Erieau.

"storm" wigeon!

The channel is open and a bit into the Bay where hundreds of ducks are congregating. No doubt food is scarce as I saw some Redhead munching on zebra mussels.

There was a good variety of ducks (mostly divers) totalling about 17 species.

Scaup of the lesser variety

Lawn Coots

We would probably have lots of puddle ducks feeding in the wet fields outside Erieau, but it is all ice due to the way below normal temps the last couple of days.  Highly unusual for this time of year.

I decided to check Blenheim Lagoons.  The place is more than 95% frozen solid.  A bit of open water is at the back where a few ducks were.

Snow Goose trying to hide

About 100 Canada Geese were present plus a single Snow Goose and 3 Cackling Geese.  The sound of cacklers alerted me to their presence in an incoming flock.

Snowy Owls have pretty much left the county, but a few are still likely around.  Jim Burk reported one near Erieau this afternoon--the first in a while.

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