Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lambton County Today

I checked out the St. Clair River and Sarnia on this pleasant day.  As usual, the weather forecast was was a nice warm sunny day!
There are more open spots on the river now, but it is mostly ice south of Sombra.

Ducks were very spread out, especially in the Courtright area, so it was not possible to look at everything.  Most of the Long-tailed seemed to be off the south end of Courtright where I estimated 2500.
I saw one Hooded Merganser with a fish.  It was being chased by another!

There was not much in the Sarnia area though.  I scanned the far shoreline hoping to pick up the King Eider, but did not find it.

At the Bluewater Bridge, I found one of the Peregrine Falcons on a platform.  It is only allowed to fly up to 50 km/h in this zone.

I went for a short walk at Perch Creek, but it was terribly quiet.
As I drove back roads towards home, there were many Wild Turkeys to be seen.  I had not seen many all winter, but they are out roaming now!

Lots of Horned Larks littered the roads too.

I went for a walk at Moore WMA also, but it too was terribly quiet.  Where are those birds?  There were two Pileated Woodpeckers flying back and forth through the area.

The feisty redpolls stopped by this afternoon once again.  Some of the males had a lot of red on them compared to others I have seen, and, a nice surprise in the form of a Hoary was among them.  I was unable to get a proper photo of it though.  I have only had Hoary once before here-mid April 2009-a very late one indeed!

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