Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rondeau Redpoll Rally

Went down to Rondeau on this fine day.  Seems so strange to have such nice weather!
The visitor centre is where most of the birds are right now being attracted to the feeders.
Upon arrival, there was very little, but soon everything came in.  Two Common Redpolls started things off for a while, but then all of a sudden there were about 20.

Other birders came along to see them as well.  I called Dwayne Murphy (he picked up his boxes of books!) and he came all the way from his home where redpolls tend to be a rarity.

The other long-staying birds were at the feeders as well including the Eastern Towhee, female Red-winged Blackbird and young White-crowned Sparrow.

A couple of Pine Siskins were in the area as well, but I never saw them on the feeders.
A Pileated Woodpecker flew over Tulip Tree Trail at one point--always a nice sight.

A couple male Red-winged Blackbirds were singing along Lakeshore Road.  One farther north has been there all winter, but one close to south point was likely a spring migrant.

Not much else to report, but a few birds are due!  Mild weather this week....


  1. Thanks for your kindness in regards to Dwayne's boxes--as well as informing him of the Redpolls, which he definitely was hoping to see. I added a Turkey Vulture to my 2015
    list on Friday. Nice to see. But I'm sure it was not a migrant--as I saw it over the H 401
    across from that big dump near London. As you mentioned in an earlier Blog--there are
    tons of Horned Larks on the Chatham-Kent roadsides. March = Eastern Phoebes.

  2. Blake, thanks for the extra book - the Nat Geo guide. Great Redpoll shots. They are beautiful and rare for us birders in Essex County!