Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Birding at Pinery

I headed up to Pinery PP today to check out what birds were around.  I used to go to Pinery quite often, but am lucky to get there 2 or 3 times a year anymore!  It is an excellent birding park, especially in migration times, but it is interesting in the winter as well.
First stop was the visitor centre where a number of feeders are set up.  Needless to say it is the busiest spot for birds at this time of year.

There were large numbers of certain birds such as White-breasted Nuthatch, Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse.

A group of 15 Common Redpolls was hanging out the backside of the centre. One could best see them through the window of the Friend's store.

I walked a bit of Cedar Trail there, and found quite a ruckus of birds.  Blue Jays were making quite a noise, but chickadees and nuthatches were annoying the heck out of an Eastern Screech-owl.  It was a bit too far for a photo though. It was sort of comical as the chickadees and nuthatches peaked into the hole many times.

Another spot to go is P9 parking area.  Here you will find birds looking for handouts.  Many people go here to feed chickadees, nuthatches, etc.  Someone was already there feeding, but after they left I got out to play with the birds.

They must have been terribly hungry as they landed all over your body, or anything held out!

Besides chickadees, titmice and nuthatches came to my hand.

I walked Heritage Trail in hopes of seeing one of the resident Red-headed Woodpeckers, but failed with that species.

I worked my way home and stopped at a favourite spot near Sarnia.  Here I found a Long-eared Owl.  This was a first for the year, as they are somewhat scarce this winter.  I came upon it rather suddenly, so it was a bit startled.

Down the road I had a Snowy Owl and a Northern Shrike to add to the day's list.

Another red nut....

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