Sunday, February 22, 2015

Late Winter Duck Details

I decided to check out Lakeview Park Marina in Windsor again this morning.  It is an excellent spot to view waterfowl on most days right now.  The St. Clair River has been uninteresting of late especially with the ice situation.

There were thousands of ducks, many of which were out of range for viewing.  Many were in close though, looking for handouts.  A lot of waterfowl is clearly in distress with this very harsh winter.  Dead ducks can be seen in many spots littering the ice.


Even on Friday as I drove up to Corunna along the St. Clair River, I saw a number of carcasses.

That dismal stuff aside, some healthier ducks were quite close today to get good photos.  Several Windsor area photographers were present taking advantage of the situation.

I did quite a bit of scoping and found the White-winged Scoter that Kory reported yesterday. It was very distant though.


Ian Woodfield, a friend of mine, came along and had not yet seen the White-winged Scoter.  I could not re-locate it for him, but he later got one closer to the Ambassador Bridge!

Lots of swans, most of which were Mute, were seen.  I later picked out 3 large swans in the distance with the scope, namely the Trumpeters.  Tundra Swans were also present, obviously a bit smaller in size.  A couple of Trumpeters were in close yesterday according to one of the photographers.  There were 3 Tundras in close to the breakwall this morning.

Wintering Tundra Swan

I picked out 3 Long-tailed Ducks, which are certainly less common than on the St. Clair River!  One was a resplendent male.  Very distant though.

Here are some more photos.

Greater Scaup

Hooded Merg


Common Goldeneye


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