Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday's Scenes

After work I headed upriver as far as Courtright as I often do on a Friday.  Ice is piling up and more icebreakers are on the way to battle the situation according to reports today. Apparently it is much worse than it was a year ago at this time!

Ice piled up at Stoke's Point

The open water along the shoreline contained quite a bit of waterfowl.  At Cundick Park I got out and this Redhead was just along the breakwall.  I think it was ill as it moved rather slowly.

Swans at Cathcart Park included this Tundra which had some sort of band on its right leg.

At Lambton Generating Station a surprise came in the form of a Turkey Vulture flying across in front of me.  (No photo, as I was driving!)

There is lots of open water from the south end of Courtright and north, but I did not see many ducks there.  Perhaps most are in the vicinity of Stag Island. No reports of the Barrow's today.

As I neared home, one of the local Snowy Owls was perched atop a hydro pole.

I saw another (darker individual) near the Sombra solar farm.

Sunset, St. Clair Township

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