Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rondeau to Skunk's

I started at Rondeau Park this morning and met up with Steve and Jim at the north end of the campground.  Turned out to be a fairly productive day despite the usual weekend weather.  There was a good-sized mixed flock of birds at the very north end of the park.  Included were at least 3 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, lots of Golden-crowned, chickadees, nuthatches, etc.  White-breasted Nuthatches are in plentiful supply this winter all over.  Some new birds for the year were obtained today during my travels.

I guess the warblers are dead!  None have been seen for some time and the last Orange-crowned was January 5, do believe.

Birds were along Lakeshore Road in various spots.  Included was a singing Red-winged Blackbird atop a tree.  Too much in the way to get a photo of quality though.

At the visitor centre, feeders were busy.  A few Pine Siskins are around.

One White-throated Sparrow was weakly singing, but remained unseen!
The male Eastern Towhee was present, but was hiding back in.

Lots of birds were along roadsides today, including some good-sized flocks of American Tree Sparrows.

After Rondeau, I worked my way towards Skunk's Misery.  I was interested in seeing a Golden Eagle, and managed one on Centreville Road.  However, the combination of distance and crappy weather did not provide a photo op.

At this same location, a Great Blue Heron got up out of a small creek.  They too are pretty scarce this winter.

Other birds of note included an Eastern Meadowlark up along the Middlesex/Lambton border near Bentpath. It flew across the road in front of me and went down in a field.

stream in Skunk's

Farther up Watterworth, a nice dark morph Rough-legged Hawk was perched atop a hydro pole.

There was freezing drizzle (what else is new on a Saturday?) on the way home so roads were slick.  I drove by the Rutherford pasture and noted an Eastern Meadowlark there as well. At least 3 are wintering at that location.

Feeders were busy today for a change so I watched them for a while the rest of the afternoon.

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