Thursday, January 22, 2015

Duck Notes

The St. Clair River continues to close in with ice and waterfowl is getting more concentrated, and in some case moving north! I see a report of the Barrow's Goldeneye off Marysville Michigan today.  This would be opposite the Shell Refinery at Corunna.  Monday it was reported off St. Clair, a little ways downstream.

Duck with an Itch

A few very small patches of open water remain in various places.  One is the Sombra ferry dock.  Local residents are putting out feed which attracts a large number of Mallards, etc.

The only other puddle duck I have seen there is Black, of which there were a dozen or so on Tuesday.

Most winters we will see a Northern Pintail or an American Wigeon, but not yet this year.  However, A Northern Shoveler was seen north of the village on Sunday--not a species I have ever seen out there this time of year!

Some open water remains at times close to the shoreline north of Sombra due to the OC outflow near Stanley Line.
Last Saturday, Mike Bouman and I noticed this pale Canvasback standing out in the crowd.

Another weekend approaches, so we will see what turns up under cloudy skies.

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