Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday Report

I headed to Point Pelee Sunday morning for a change in scenery.  It was mostly scenery since there are not many birds around!  As I arrived at the Tip parking lot, a Northern Harrier was heading south.

The only other birds over the lake were a few Herring Gulls and Common Goldeneye.  The only landbird was a junco!

Shuster Trail was once again quiet except for a pair of noisy Carolina Wrens.  At the end, 3 Black Ducks were on the water with a few Common Goldeneye.

I decided to check out the Cactus Trail area for a change.  It  turned out to be the birdiest spot with several White-throated and American Tree Sparrows among other birds.  The park is setting out grub for the deer cull, so birds are attracted as well.

The most notable was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  I just got on it then it completely disappeared!  The photo quality here matches the weather.

De Laurier had a few of the same birds at a feeding spot.

The only thing of note at Blue Heron was an LLB.

On the way home, I checked out Two Creeks CA and it was dead as a doornail! (I did hear a Blue Jay though).

There was time left in the afternoon when I got home, so I went out to the St. Clair River.  Ice was moving a bit due to the mild weather.  The Barrow's Goldeneye was found near the south end of Fawn Island in the morning and was still present in the afternoon.  A number of ducks were packed into an open area there.
Lots of ducks were along the shoreline north of Sombra.  (Plus dozens of Mute Swans!).

The ducks obviously move around.  The Barrow's was at the Sombra ferry dock all afternoon on Saturday, but not there on Sunday.  There is a report of a Barrow's off St. Clair Michigan today, assuming that is the same bird.  Who knows? Maybe there is another.

Bluebill on Snye
Can on Snye

Ships were being escorted downbound, including this one.

Alpena at Sombra

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