Monday, September 8, 2014

Other Weekend Photos

Some good rare insects have been showing up lately, so it may be a good fall to keep an 'eye' open for them.  The Striped Saddlebags yesterday at Point Pelee was a nice surprise for me.  I tried to find them back in late September 2010 when they showed up, but I had no luck.
Last week, a Citrine Forktail was seen by Bob Yukich along west beach trail.  That is another I would like to see!

More dragons.....

The most common mosaic darner yesterday seemed to be Mottled.

Great Egrets are showing up here, there and everywhere. I need to find a Snowy.....!

Today, one was at Stewart Wetland.  All three of the 'usual' heron types were present.  Just yellowlegs for shorebirds today.

On Saturday, I came across a large crayfish at Blenheim Lagoons on the roadway.

A Marsh Wren came in close at Erieau on Saturday while I was along the marsh trail.

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  1. I think you found the last passenger pigeon.