Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday Watch at Pelee Point

"Rain, rain, go away!"

Things are slow at work, so I did something a little more interesting than work today.  I went to Point Pelee!  A strong SSW wind was brewing, so why not give it a try, I thought.  The wind really did not pick up till afternoon after I left, but it rained very heavily this afternoon anyway.
I arrived for the first tram, and so did some other familiar faces (Mike Tate, Mike Nelson, Alan Wormington, Richard Carr aka 'afternoon shift').
About ten minutes after our arrival at the Tip, Alan got on a Parasitic Jaeger coming down the west side.  It was in sight for some time until disappeared to the south.

Several Merlins were migrating off the Tip and at one point I saw five at once.

About a half hour after the jaeger went by, Alan and I simultaneously spotted a Sabine's Gull.  It was quite distant, but very discernable.  I tried some record shots, but it was just a speck.

It was a juvenile, which is what we usually see.  Little did the crew of the Algoma Olympic know, that a Sabine's Gull was nearby.

Find the Sabine' IS there!

Although there was a lot to look at, nothing of note appeared the rest of the morning.
A couple of flocks of Killdeer were the only shorebirds.

The others left and I stayed at the Tip for a bit, but it got really dead.  I decided to walk back to the VC, but I saw nothing of note.  There were not too many passerines today.  Lot of Sharp-shinned Hawks were moving around today.

I walked De Laurier with Mike Tate, but it was quiet.  Mike is spending a week or so at Pelee right now, and spends about a month in the spring.  Here is Mike (middle), myself, others at an event this spring!

(photo courtesy Geof Burbidge)

After checking NW Beach area and Marsh Boardwalk, it started to rain.

boardwalk casualty

I headed over to Wheatley Harbour.  There was quite a bit of activity which kept me busy.
For some reason, I have seen a lot of ugly gulls at Wheatley!

Ugly gull

Some Ruddy Turnstones were at the boat ramp area.

"Its a long way to Tipperary...."

At one point I caught sight of a jaeger.  It appeared to be another Parasitic juv.  It quickly headed off to the east out of sight after chasing a gull or two.  I could have obtained a record shot, but I was busy looking at it making sure what species it was.

No Sabine's there, which would be a first record for Wheatley Harbour if seen.

This storm should stir things up.  North winds will be kicking in and I suspect there will be a bird or two of note at Sarnia tomorrow! Unfortunately I will not be there.

And yes, it is still there......

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  1. Awesome photo of the Herring Gull standing in the rain.