Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Swallow and More Moths

On Sunday I headed straight to Blenheim Lagoons.  Just as I arrived, the white Tree Swallow took off from the fence!  It flew around the first pond for a while.

Regarding shorebirds, there was only a small fraction of the birds from Saturday, so nothing new!  At least there were a couple of Mallards, as there was not a single duck at the site on Saturday.  Seemed strange not to see a duck at the lagoons.

It had been some time since I checked out Erieau.  I walked McGeachy dike first thing.  I did see eight species of butterflies along there, but all common ones.  I half-expected a White-M Hairstreak, but maybe later on!
Another moth included the Eight-spotted Forester.

Although Halloween is a longs ways off, this pennant was quite fresh.

A number of Yellow Warblers were working the shrubs.  No other migrants there yet.

The breakwater at Erieau had a large number of Caspian Terns.  I tried to count, but it was somewhere around 100+.

The morning was still young, so I ended up walking a bit out Rondeau's marsh trail.  Nothing much of note out there unfortunately, although I did hear the resident White-eyed Vireo singing quietly in the background.  It was at the same location last year, and I think the only one in the park during the breeding season.

Lots of Swamp Rose Mallow was in bloom.

Goldenrod is just starting to bloom, and there is lots along the first part of the marsh trail. It will be good to check for insects this coming weekend.  Maybe a Gray Hairstreak will finally show!

Behind maintenance, I found another rather common but attractive moth called the orange-spotted pyrausta, or sometimes called the orange mint moth.  From its name, you guessed feeds on mint plants including burgemot.

One of the tussock moth caterpillars:

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