Saturday, August 9, 2014

Regular Rondeau Routine

I headed down to Rondeau Park this morning and did some considerable walking.  Starting on south point trail, I continued out south beach.  It is quite a challenge in spots due to the severe erosion that has taken place the last year or so.  It is a long and tiring walk sometimes, but you can usually find a place to take a seat.

There is one along Point Pelee's east beach as well!

Along the way, a couple of Northern Waterthrushes and a Tennessee Warbler were among the migrants.  Besides the usual multiple Yellow Warblers and a couple of American Redstarts, there was not much else.
Shorebirds included only a few Least Sandpipers and a few Sanderlings.

Least Sandpiper

Gulls and terns were way out this morning, so I did not see anything noteworthy in that department.

There is a nice view of the Rondeau marsh out there with wild rice and other plants.  Here we have that European Frogbit that was mentioned in Nature Nuggets recently.

Even though I did not record much, I just enjoy being out there and seeing whatever comes along.

Some dragonflies along the way included this Green-striped Darner (I think!).

A few butterflies included this Dun.

I thought this was a nice photo op for a pair of Monarchs on Swamp Milkweed.

After four hours in the park, I headed into Blenheim for my favourite BLT at Subway (no Timbits!) then over the the lagoons.  As expected, lots of shorebirds there to sort through.

Once again, close to 300 birds were there and I took a good hour to look at them.


Semipalmated Sandpipers took the prize again today, but nothing in the rare category with them.  I checked the pond edges as well and managed to finally see a Baird's.  A couple of Solitary Sandpipers were in one corner, but this photo of one is of poor quality.

Soon we should see Buff-breasted.  I see an early one was found on the Bruce Peninsula earlier this week.

Yellowlegs and Stuff

Tons of swallows are around now, and yesterday this white Tree Swallow was photographed by Garry Sadler.

Once in while you can find these.  I had one at the lagoons a few years ago but could never get on it with the camera.

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  1. Must have just missed you Blake - but I did see the white tree swallow just past the gate. It sure stuck out from the rest of the flock!

    Rick Mayos