Thursday, August 14, 2014

This Week: Sandhills and Skippers

It has been a cool week, but things are on the move.  I have been seeing lots of Sandhill Cranes, especially on my way to work early in the morning.  They like the cut wheat fields, but are was not too much wheat planted this year.

Eight Sandhills were along Ward Line (north of Port Lambton this morning), and later a couple near the golf course as I passed by on a work-related errand.

Four Sandhill Cranes

By the way, our local golf course (18 holes) will be closing this year and converted to some sort of farmland! Farming is big business and farmers are wealthy around here!  The golf course was started in 1930.

About 20+ Sandhill Cranes were flying over Walpole this evening while I was checking out Stewart Wetland.

A fresh batch of Peck's Skippers came out this week.  I had one as I went out the door after supper today.

A few are at the Brander Park flower gardens.

Some Tawny-edged are there too as usual.

Lots of Silver-spotted Skippers are around now.

Also, Red-spotted Purples have been abundant lately.

I have been checking Stewart Wetland every day as usual, but not much is showing up.  An Osprey has been hanging around, probably after the koi.

Green Herons have been making their presence known in recent days.  Tonight, three were playing around Stewart.

Lots of Bobolinks on the move this week....

Hopefully the weather will be decent this weekend, but the forecast is deteriorating.  The long-range looked good earlier this week, but as usual it was useless.

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