Friday, August 8, 2014

Another Weekend Here

It is once again WAMBO weekend.  Its not as exciting as it used to be, but it is good for the town and community.  Some of my creations (boats) will be there in the basin, but I think I will go look for birds and butterflies this weekend!

U-22 converted to gentleman's racer

Most recent project:

Cliff-Craft customized!

The first two photos were taken off Stewart Wetland area.  A few shorebirds are in the wetland everyday, but nothing unusual!  Habitat is very inviting for shorebirds and other waders.

Japanese Beetles are plentiful this summer, causing problems with some plants.

I went for a walk at the CA's yesterday evening, but did not see much.  At "Least" I saw a skipper.

It was late in the day.  I managed to get one Flag-tailed, one of the local specialties.

The flower gardens at Brander Park, Port Lambton are in full bloom.  I will have to check those for butterflies from now until freeze-up.  Many Silver-spotted Skippers were present yesterday.  Common Checkered-skippers were reported at Sarnia yesterday, so keep an eye out for those!

Common Painted-Lady

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up about the Common Checkered Skipper.....I haven't seen one for awhile. They are gorgeous little critters, with an emphasis on 'little'! Maybe the old field habitat at the Blenheim Lagoons would be worth trying?