Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mitchell's Bay Skipper and Sunset

I decided to go out to Mitchell's Bay to see what was around this evening.  I had one of those days where I just had to get out!  There was a cool northerly breeze, but it was a nice evening.
I walked the lakeshore trail.  Sometimes it can be good for birds, but it was too windy to see much in the way of passerines.  Lots of ducks were coming off the lake, and there were over 200 Killdeer in the ploughed field alongside.  Maybe there was a Buff-breasted out there somewhere...

Caspian Tern

I walked to the dock, then headed back.  Something caught my eye alongside the trail and I knew instantly that it had to be a Common Checkered-skipper.  It set down long enough for me to take some photos.

It was the first and only one I have seen this year.  I was thinking earlier this week that I would have to go into Essex County to look at one. Some are at Kingsville beside the McDonald's (McSkippers?) and others at Harrow.
I suspect more will show up soon.

Along Angler Line you can get a partial view of Winter Line Wetlands (locally known as Curly Clark's). Water is low enough for shorebirds and a scope is helpful.  However without a scope I could pick out some dowitchers.  A good heron or ibis may show up there if it has not already!

I decided to keep going to St. Clair NWA and walk out to the tower.  One cannot see much anymore due to phragmites and other growth.  Cattails have really taken over the place as well in recent years.  It (cattails) may be good for some species, but there are few open areas anymore.  It used to be a fabulous place to go to in the 1990's and I was never disappointed.  Things have changed, and I rarely go there anymore. The best bird (actually two) that I have seen there is Tricolored Heron.  Those have dropped off the map in recent years!

As I headed headed home, it was evident a nice sunset was in the making.  I slid back into Mitchell's Bay and took some photos.

A number of Great Egrets were heading in a southerly direction to roost somewhere.

A couple of Black-crowned Night-Herons were seen in the distance.

....A nice way to end the evening.

Yesterday evening a heavy thunderstorm blew through and just before sunset, an awesome rainbow formed.  My photos do not do it justice.

A double rainbow was seen at one point

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  1. Real nice shots of the Checkered Skipper. I haven't seen any yet. Wish they weren't so tiny!