Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Filler

Its been one of the slowest months that I have ever seen for fall migration, but I get out for walks every day. I am just not seeing much around here!  Yesterday I stopped at Peers Wetland.  Just for fun, I photographed this hummingbird even though it was basically a silhouette.  I took two photos in quick succession.  Little did I know (until I got it up on the computer) that the first photo shows the bird sticking its long tongue out!

At McKeough CA there were lots of Common Ringlets and Pearl crescents.  I saw one skipper which is likely a Peck's.  This photo is highly cropped.

Another moth....


The Peck's Skippers continue in big numbers at Brander Park, Port Lambton.  Still have not come across a Fiery or Checkered there.

There have practically been no dragonflies this summer around the pond.  Usually there are all kinds of species.  Not sure why!

After work today I took a walk at Reid CA.  Extremely quiet for birds!  Goldenrod is out and a couple of species are present.  Not sure what this one is without looking it up.

There were several Royal River Cruisers patrolling around today.

A visitor on the back porch when I got home....

Pearl Crescent on Screen Porch

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