Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday's Report: Rondeau and Blenheim

Got down to Rondeau yesterday to check things out. Once again rather quiet for birds, but more are moving through now.  I came across a nice flock of warblers, etc. on south point trail.  Included were several Blackburnian, several Magnolia, several Wilson's plus Blue-winged, Canada and Black-and-White warblers.
I had to go slightly to the side of the trail in the grasses and that is probably where I picked up some chiggers!  This year I have managed to get very few though.

There was quite a good movement of gulls moving west on the lake.  However, they were quite far out.  Lots of Bonaparte's, but a scope would have been useful to pick out a Black-headed or Franklin's Gull.
A distant Common Loon was the first one I have seen since earlier in the summer.

Wave action on the east side

The Dog Beach spot near the south end of Lakeshore Road is always a good spot to check, especially on an easterly wind such as yesterday.  However, by the time I got there, things were scarce.  A number of gulls and terns were on the beach, plus a single Red-breasted Merganser.

Along the east side of the park, Cylindrical Blazing Star is blooming.  It is quite abundant actually. There is a good patch at the Dog Beach parking lot.

The north end of the park seemed to be devoid of warblers and vireos, so I left and went over to Blenheim Lagoons.  Shorebird watching has been mediocre there this summer with high water and usually dry sprinkler cells.  Water level was even higher than a week ago!  The sprinklers cells were dry save for a very small wet patch.  I have never understood the operation of the lagoons, as they should be pumping more water into the sprinkler cells.  Water is quite high in the ponds.

A single dowitcher came in later and was flying around searching for a spot to land and feed.  I went back over to the sprinklers and found it.

It was a very windy day and butterflies were scarce at the lagoon and I was having difficulty getting good photos.  I did see a couple of Common Buckeyes, and an American Lady.

U.S. Lady

At one point I caught sight of a Fiery Skipper.  Never could get on it with the camera before the wind blew it away!  So, some are around and likely more will show up soon.

A Bronze Copper was trying to get out of the wind.

Today was quite warm and I checked the flower gardens at Brander Park after work.  Peck's Skipper were littering the place!  Seems to be one of the better years for them.

Lots of Silver-spotted as usual.

Leaves on some trees are starting to turn already.  I found a family of Warbling Vireos at Peers Wetland this evening.

Things are getting interesting, but I only wish I could come across some good birds!  Maybe this coming weekend.

cuckoo with a black bill

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  1. The sunset was rather nice, wasn't it. I didn't get any photos, however....water in the foreground is always important.

    I was at the Dog Beach on Sunday as well, but only briefly since there were about 12 cars in the parking lot and lots of people. So I went down to the SE beach past the last cottage, but like you, didn't have anything unusual in spite of the brisk easterly winds.