Thursday, July 17, 2014

McKeough/Reid Insects and More

This morning I made my daily stop at Stewart Wetland west of town.  Finally some migrant shorebirds!  Among the many usual Killdeer, were 4 Lesser Yellowlegs, a Least Sandpiper and a Short-billed Dowitcher.  These are the first shorebirds I have seen there this month.  Habitat is excellent!

Just as I arrived, 5 Sandhill Cranes were coming off Walpole Island and at least a couple others were in a field just over the river in a field.

This evening I had the goal of finding one of the Sydenham River specialties--Flag-tailed Spinyleg.  I found several which were my first of the summer at McKeough CA.

Here are some other dragons.

Black Saddlebags

Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Also had Halloween Pennant, but it did not want to sit for any length of time!
Have not seen Pronghorn Clubtail yet.

I made a brief stop at Reid CA and saw some usuals such as Royal River Cruiser.  I like these big green-eyed creatures!

Here are a couple other dragons.

Common Whitetail male

Widow Skimmer male

Quite a few Banded Hairstreaks were milling about.  Getting worn!

Too late in the day for sedge skippers.  They go to bed early!

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