Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Searching the Sedges

I swung around by Reid CA after getting off work about an hour early.  The goal was to see a Broad-winged Skipper.  I only found one and it was somewhat unco-operative!

They fly low and weakly through these sedges.

Broad-winged Habitat

Some Edwards' Hairstreaks were flying and they were looking tired.

Still lots of Appalachian Browns fluttering about.

At the start of the trail in a different sedge type area, I found a couple of skippers.  They appeared to be Dukes' due to the darkness and strong 'ray'.

Shaded Sedges

Just before I left, I found this Eastern Tailed-blue.  The black dots were rather prominent in this worn individual.  I don't recall seeing them quite this prominent before.

At one point I slightly deviated into the woods and found some Indian Pipe!

Photos taken by the Canon G16.

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