Friday, July 18, 2014

Dukes' at Reid CA

I got off work early this afternoon and took some time at one of my favourite (and closest!) places, Reid CA.  A number of Dukes' Skippers were flying around.  I found some were away from the shaded sedges, as I often do, and one was quite some distance from where I usually see them.  In fact it was where the Broad-winged Skippers reside. Could not get a good photo of it though, even though it was virtually at my feet!

I did see up to three Broad-winged but could not get on them with the camera.

Mosquitoes were not too bad today as I got myself into the sedges to look for Broad-winged.  These skippers seem scarce so far.

The Dukes' Skippers are quite dark and look somewhat like Dion which has a more orange upperside and a less distinct 'ray' on the underside.

The Dukes' I confirmed at Reid back in 2008.  Elsewhere in Lambton County, Dukes' Skipper has been recorded on Walpole Island.
It is found in several locations in Essex County.
In Chatham-Kent it has been found in Wheatley P. P. and according to the butterfly atlas a location east of Tilbury, a long time ago.  Apparently one was found last Sunday (Brenda Kulon) in the Rondeau P. P. marsh as I mentioned previously.

Could not get a good look at this one...
???? !
According to what I read in the Ontario Butterfly Atlas (1991)  Dukes' Skipper was first discovered in Ontario by A. M. Holmes 11 July 1968.

I looked for hairstreaks as well, finding many Banded and a few Edwards'.

Edwards' Hairstreak

Appalachian Brown

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