Thursday, June 26, 2014

Evening Insect Hunt

It was such a nice day (unfortunately I was at work!) I took advantage of what was left in the day and went a little ways north of Wallaceburg.  Things are picking up and hopefully will continue as insect counts are underway.  Pinery/Port Franks is this Saturday.

The first Wood Nymphs came out the last week or so.

Hairstreaks are appearing and this 'Southern' was no exception.

Neither was this one! (Obviously different than above as it has a full blue anal spot)

I also saw a fresh Banded.

Here is a Peck's Skipper.

The ever-plentiful Silver-spotted Skipper.

Lots of *Summer* Azures.

Some dragonflies included a Common Whitetail.

I was happy to see this fresh Baltimore Checkerspot up at McKeough.  I get them every year there.  Could not get a clear shot of this pretty creature.

A fast-flying Delaware Skipper was on the roadway.

And, of course those Common Ringlets bobbing through the grasses.

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