Monday, June 23, 2014

More Weekend Scenes

The weather was very good on the weekend and a good chance to look for insects that appear this time of year.
Of the many dragonflies seen on my rounds yesterday, one was a Midland Clubtail at Wardsville Woods.

One of the smaller dragonflies is the Eastern Amberwing.  Here is a male.

Sunday was a good day for butterflies.  Another view of one of the Southern Hairstreaks.

I hate that name!  In the north it used to be referred to as Northern Oak, which seems more appropriate.  The southern counterpart looks very different.  Many still refer to the northern version as "Oak" or Northern Oak".

Summer Azures are abundant now.  A few decades ago the azures were separated into Spring and Summer.  I still do not fully understand it as they look so much alike.  However, the spring version, at least in our region in ending its cycle by late May. Some still appear in early June, but now we are seeing Summer Azures.

Are there Fall Azures in autumn?

A Peck's Skipper on Indian Hemp:

Lots of European Skippers out now:

This female Wood Duck has a family at the Blenheim Lagoons.  Very wary of visitors!

Speaking of Blenheim, there was a Lesser Yellowlegs later yesterday morning. I would assume an early fall migrant!  It was not present at 07:00 when I was there.

Another Great Egret at Hillman on Saturday:

The lone adult-like Bonaparte's Gull at Pelee on Saturday.  Although superficially it looks like a mature bird, it is not!  Note dark line at edge of wing.

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