Friday, May 30, 2014

Port Franks Duskywings and Dragonflies

Today (Friday) was one of the nicer days and I could only stand working the morning!  I slipped away at noon and headed up to Port Franks.  It is one of the better places in the area to find duskywing butterflies and other things.
First stop was the Karner Blue property with scenic oak savannah and lots of Wild Lupine.

It was loaded with duskywings!  Wild Indigos were the first to be seen.

I also saw Juvenal's, Dreamy and Sleepy.  I hope I ID'd them correctly as I have not seen this many at one time.




There were also several species of dragonflies.  The most common was female Chalk-fronted Corporal.

This one appeared to be a Hudsonian Whiteface.

Another species had me stumped.  It may not be too unusual, but I need a name!
Dusky Clubtail?

I also walked part of the County Forest near the community centre.

This is always good for Hooded Warblers and Acadian Flycatchers, among other things.  Although it was a quiet time of day, I heard only one Hooded and one Acadian.  Usually I get 4 or 5 Hooded and 3 or 3 Acadian in that walk.  It was surprisingly quiet for other birds as well.
I did spot this Yellow-bellied Sapsucker which breeds in the area.

There were a few more Juvenal's Duskywings there and a couple more common species of dragonflies.

A couple of Giant and Tiger Swallowtails were flying.

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