Thursday, May 29, 2014

Insect Time!

I looked for some insects around suppertime today north of Wallaceburg.  It had been disappointing for insects earlier in the spring, but the weather has finally been nice in the last week.  Today I had some time and good weather! (Mosquitoes are now bad!).

I saw only three species of butterflies, but several dragonflies.  First were some Common Whitetails.

Four-spotted Skimmers were flying too.

I found this darner, which I believe is a Springtime Darner.  Too early for the others!  I do not recall seeing this one at Reid CA before.

Another one.

Several Juvenal's Duskywings were flying as expected.

The first couple of Hobomok Skippers for this year and a couple other common species were out.

Hobomok Skipper

Large Marble

Spring Azure or is it Summer?

I have not seen much in the way of migratory birds the last couple of days.  A Canada Warbler was at Reid CA this evening while I was looking at the insects.  Being stuck at work does not help!

The last couple of times out at Mitchell's Bay, the Yellow-headed Blackbirds have been less visible.  Yesterday I never saw one!  I heard one in the distance though.

Monday's bird

I was hoping for more White Pelicans.  Nine were photographed at Mitchell's Bay by Butch Dompierre on Monday.  However, they were just passing through and continued on.  They were almost simultaneously seen by Darlene Friedman (she posted on Ontbirds as seeing several).

This weekend is supposed to be nice, so I am looking forward to finding more butterflies (and birds)!

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  1. It's a Spring Azure, quite late. Don't lose your marbles!