Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pinery/Port Franks Today

I went ahead with my original plan of going to Pinery today.  Yesterday's outing was a last minute thing!  It was another fine day with clear skies.

I found the bird life not as active as usual for this time of year for whatever reason.  It took a while to find a Pine Warbler, which is a common bird up there.  I had several during the course of the day though.

A Wilson's Warbler was the only migrant type on Riverside Trail just after I saw a beaver swimming in the channel.  I did not quite have the camera ready for the rodent!

A Black-and-White Warbler was singing on Wilderness trail, but is a possible resident.
I saw/heard  a few Pileated Woodpeckers during the day, but this one I could not get a clear shot with the camera on Pine Trail.

Once again, duskywings were common.  Virtually no other butterflies save for a couple of Tiger and Giant Swallowtails and one azure. Also saw one dark swallowtail which I assume was a Spicebush.

I only saw Wild Indigo and Juvenal's today even at the Karner Blue Sanctuary.  Some images:

Not a Columbine Duskywing


I also walked the L-Lake trail.  A couple of Magnolia Warblers were along this one.  Possibly residents.

The Port Franks area is quite interesting with the forested dunes, lakes and old oxbows.

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