Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pelicans and Such Today

It was a bit of an easy day for me today, so not much to report.  I was interested in seeing the 6 American White Pelicans that were at Hillman Marsh yesterday.  Luckily, I found them swimming in the middle of the marsh early this morning.  Rather distant, but here is a photo.

Hillman Pelicans

I then made a quick check of the shorebird cell.  I found 4 first cycle Little Gulls!  At least one of those was around late yesterday.  They were not difficult to pick out with the black markings.  Some Short-billed Dowitchers, Dunlin, etc. were also present.

With the day still young, I went for a walk from the VC to the Tip at Point Pelee.  Loads of Blackpoll and Tennessee Warblers singing all along, but it was a bit quiet in the Tip woods.  A few other warbler species were mixed in of course including quite a few Wilson's and Canada.  There was also a Pike sighting (lol).

Tennessee Warbler here at home today

Next walk was De Laurier.  I finally heard a Black-billed Cuckoo (briefly) for the weekend.  I did not have a single cuckoo at Rondeau yesterday, so where are they?  More to come no doubt.

I swung over to Blenheim Lagoons on my way home.  (Lots of Black-bellied Plovers in the fields along the way). Far fewer birds than yesterday, and nothing new.  No phalaropes today.

blurry digiscope attempt!

Bobolinks and meadowlarks are out in the fields there.  Today I thought I heard a Western Meadowlark but not sure as it was only brief. We have had them there before at this time.

The May 24 weekend is always full of bird variety and this one was no exception. Some of the earlier birds may have gone, but there is always lots to see.  Migration will dwindle down quickly in the next week.
The tree leaves are not fully out along the lake yet, so birds can be seen fairly well.  Something we are not used to at this date!
The sloughs at Rondeau are very nice at this time of year.

Checked out some Showy Orchis yesterday at Rondeau.

This White-ribboned Carpet moth was on Tulip Tree Trail yesterday.  A common species.

Time for rest.....


  1. The missing cuckoos were up at my cabin.

  2. Ahhh, Mr Skinner has found them!