Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 2-4 Birding

The Three Sisters on TTT

Today was the nicest day of the month, at least for me.  Weather was near perfect, a rarity for a Saturday, and there were lots of birds.  With some birds running a bit late this year, this weekend was bound to be 'birdy'.  Although no mega rarities, it was pleasant to sift though hundreds of birds.

I arrived at Rondeau Park just before 6 a.m. and I could hear many resident and migrant-type birds singing. Of note while was an Acadian Flycatcher near the entrance of spicebush trail. One has nested here at least the last two years, and hopefully today's male has a mate.

I started walking south point trail and spent almost 3 hours in the usual stretch of trail.  Lots to look at! Warblers were all along and at one point I heard a Blue-winged.  It has been hanging around a particular area and I suspect it may be nesting there this year.  They have in the past.
Flycatchers, including Alder, were abundant.

Only a few minutes after hearing the Blue-winged, I heard the song of a Golden-winged.  These days you have to check in case it is a hybrid.  I only heard the bird for the longest time as it was moving around quite a bit. I finally caught up with it to see that it was a male Golden-winged.  Could not get close as this bird was very active.

Other warblers were high in numbers, excepting the resident American Redstart and Yellow.  Probably Blackburnian won the prize today.  Canada Warblers were all over and today I had about 14 in the park. Wilson's were not far behind as were Tennessee.  Maggies were right in there too.

Mourning Warblers were in good numbers and I saw or heard 12 today.
Warbler of the Morning

Two territorial male Prothonotary Warblers were seen today.  This one was investigating a nest box, but I could not get a clear shot.

I always check for bands, but this one was unbanded.  Once in a while, there are returnees.

I ended up with 24 (2-4?) species of warblers today.  No doubt I missed some (first day I did not see Yellow-rumped!).

Finally saw an Olive-sided Flycatcher,  (near the VC).  Unfortunately it did not vocalize since it is one of my favourite songs to hear.

A couple of Green Herons were still flying around south point this morning.  As I mentioned previously, lots seem to be around this year.

I checked the lake and beach frequently hoping for shorebirds--especially Whimbrel.  Off Dog Beach, I encountered a flock of about 40 Whimbrel.  Later, this lone individual was off south point.

A neat-sounding bird!

More Whimbrel were seen from Erieau later along with hundreds of Black-bellied Plover. Heat haze was playing havoc early afternoon, so who knows what all was along the beach.  Usually Red Knots show up at this time.
A large flock of Ruddy Turnstone flew over while I was at Erieau.  Many were around today.

More Black-bellied Plovers were in the fields near Erieau.  I did not see the Snowy Owl--I think it left a few days ago.

Two Horned Grebes were swimming off the east side of south point this afternoon too.

I checked Blenheim Lagoons for my last stop.  The sprinklers were full of shorebirds--mostly Dunlin.  In fact, perhaps around 600. Mixed in were 2 Wilson's Phalarope males (phew!  finally saw some!), 4 White-rumped Sandpipers, several Semisands, and only 2 Least Sands.

The ponds looked devoid of ducks until you got to the back pond.  A nice variety of ducks was present. Some have been there a while including the Canvasback male, Northern Shoveller male, several Redhead, Ring-necked female, Gadwall,(2), Northern Pintail (3), a few American Wigeon, and a few Ruddy and Mallard.  An American Coot was still present.  A Lesser Scaup pair was still around.

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  1. A very fine day indeed!

    I checked for the Snowy yesterday and would agree that it is now gone. There was a tractor working in the field to the east, so that might have made a difference.