Friday, April 4, 2014

Swallows on Ice

Lots of different birds are now being reported as the spring progresses. Terns and gulls are in good numbers and should be scrutinized for uncommon to rare species.  I hope it will be interesting at Erieau and Rondeau tomorrow where I am heading.  I heard that Erieau this evening had a good number of birds.

After work today, I made my usual look along the river.  Lots of ice is coming down out of Lake Huron.  Ships in the upper Great Lakes are having much difficulty in the thick ice.

I watched a few Tree Swallows at Cathcart Park over the ice flows.  Some were setting down on the ice.  I doubt they were getting much to eat!

A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was in the park, which is the first spring migrant sapsucker that I have seen.
Most of the snow has gone and waterways are open.  However there is a good 45 cm of ice in the marina cuts in the boathouses, which is not unusual after a harsh winter.

Will see what this 'cool' weekend brings.....

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