Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Little Gulling

Still too cold for this time of year, but I headed down to Rondeau Park first thing this morning.  I had the intention of watching the lake off south point trail. It was quite cool with the wind and all that thick ice along the shore.

Hundreds of Bonaparte's Gulls were on the move and I kept watch for others like Little Gull  Sure enough, I spotted one adult.  Most gulls were fairly far out though.
Little Gull (right)

After it moved on, I spotted another that milled about for a while.  Also present was a young Glaucous Gull far out.
Thoughts of seeing a Black-headed today were dashed after I got restless when most of the gulls had moved on.

My first tern of the year, a Forster's, was also among the mass of gulls.  Common have been seen too.

Not much was along the trail, but a few Fox Sparrows were in and singing away.
Jim Burk and I walked along Gardiner Avenue and spotted a male Eastern Bluebird low along a slough.  Seemed like an odd spot for one, but it certainly stuck out.
We also located a Cooper's Hawk nest. They nest in the vicinity every year.

Sloughs are Full!

A walk of the campground revealed very little other than another singing Fox Sparrow and a Field Sparrow which was perhaps a winter holdover.

Quite a few ducks could be seen at Shrewsbury, but nothing unusual.  One wonders where that Eurasian Wigeon went....

Erieau was rather quiet except for a good number of Bonaparte's Gulls in the channel and off the lighthouse.
After a quick lunch in Blenheim, I drove by the sewage lagoons and noticed a Purple Martin flying along the fence.  Although we have had them this time of year and eBird lists them as rare, this individual was probably wondering what is with the cold weather!
Not a Black-headed Gull!

Tomorrow looks like a more promising day....finally. So keep smiling!

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