Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun-filled Day of Birding: Spring Ducks!

I was out all day today as the weather was unusually nice for a Saturday, and spring was in the air!  I headed to Rondeau first thing and was just south of Kent Bridge when I got a message about some  White-fronted Geese near Shrewsbury. Never did come across those!

First thing of note at Rondeau was a disoriented Redhead duck.  It was on the main road!  Several people saw it and it was still flying in circles almost 2 hours later!

I did not find much in the park.  Some usual birds in the campground, but walking was difficult.  Feeders were busy at the VC, but I did not see the wintering towhee.


Tufted Titmouse

I then went over to Erieau where there was a little patch of open water near the government dock.  A couple of Black Ducks were there among other things.  Several Ring-billed Gulls were around too.

A small flock of Tundra Swans was over Lagoon Road.  Some wintered in the area, so one wonders how these fit in.

After an early lunch, I decided to head over to Point Pelee.  Near the Tip, a couple of dark ducks (LOL) were heading south and some Ring-billed Gulls were playing around.

Sparrow Field had three Yellow-rumped Warblers, but that was about it. Robins were all over the park (and elsewhere), and one wonders if a few were spring arrivals.

Along the main road south of the VC, a group of 10 White-throated Sparrows was milling about, and later, I spotted another sparrow.  Putting things into reverse (since I drove past it), I found that it was a Song Sparrow.  No doubt a spring migrant! (no photo)

White-throated Sparrows dancing on the road

Shuster Trail was not too productive.
That well-photographed owl was once again sitting out!  Hi Rick!

Down concession E road, I spotted a large flock of blackbirds.  The larger portion headed over towards D road so I could not make much of it.  It was mostly Red-winged.  A smaller group with Red-winged, Common Grackle, Starling and cowbird was close by.

I decided to check SE Hillman and it was well worth it.  Over 1000 ducks were on the lake, most of which were Common Mergansers.

I posted a list to WEP birds, but did not include the 6 Ring-necked Ducks which I saw in one of my photos later!  Not sure how I missed those.  Here is part of the post:

On the lake at SE Hillman there were 1000+ ducks of mixed variety but mostly Common Merganser.  I also counted 18 Gadwall, 16 American Wigeon, 1 Green-winged Teal (male), at least 2 Black, and many Mallards.  At least 50 Redhead here too.
Lots of Ring-billed Gulls here and in the field nearby.  About 200+.

(teal lowest bird)

Bufflehead was in there as well.

On the way home I spotted a Northern Shrike west of Wheatley.  Been a while since I have seen a shrike.  There were lots earlier in the winter, but recently they have been absent, at least around here.

Tomorrow looks good weatherwise, so I will be out....somewhere.


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  1. Have a female towhee at my feeder all winter. Outside Shrewsbury