Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Spring Sightings at Rondeau

Another fine day, but a little quieter than yesterday.  I headed down to Rondeau again and saw a couple of half decent birds--one on the way in, and one on the way out!
A FOY Sandhill Crane was on the Keith McLean property. It was a bit distant, but here is a record shot.
Early Sandhill!

I walked the campground again, but it was very quiet today.  A Pileated Woodpecker flew over, which was nice to see-a first for the year.  They are conspicuously elusive during the winter!
Next stop was the visitor centre feeders.  I got a better photo of a titmouse today.

Quite a few American Tree Sparrows were busy working the ground.

Yesterday I saw the first chipmunks scurrying around here.  Today I saw another alongside the road come out of a hole in the snow.  It went back in, peaked its head out briefly and disappeared.  Would have been a neat photo!

Down the road, a mixed flock of blackbirds was chattering away.  Probably some new arrivals.

At the park pier area, one can get a good look of the Bay atop a 3m high snow bank.

Where is the parking lot?

Outside the park, just past the Kent Bridge Road intersection, I noticed a Brown Thrasher feeding alongside the road.  No doubt it wintered in the area.

A Song Sparrow was virtually beside it, but it would be one that wintered in the adjacent marsh.  I saw some earlier in January.  A large group of American Tree Sparrows was here too.

After a bit of driving around, I headed home.  It seemed rather quiet for birds today.

Robins in many places today

On another note, yesterday I actually photographed a male Wood Duck at the Tip of Pelee.  I took a photo of the two 'dark' ducks flying south, not really looking too closely.  Thanks to Alan's usual keen eye, I make that correction!  A very early spring migrant!
Wood Ducks

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  1. Lovely series of captures. Your header is beautiful!