Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow and Blow....Again!

The sunrise was nice this morning, but things deteriorated as the day went on.  Obviously the weekend is here!  Gale force winds yet again.....

Sun Pillar!

Starting things off today, at the edge of town, a Snowy Owl came off a hydro pole and went into a field.  Not sure if this is a new one or not.

It is certainly the severest winter we have had in over 20 years.  Ice is getting thicker by the day.  Lake Erie is 95 % covered and Lake Huron is almost 75 % covered.
Water levels fluctuate at the marina and as I got out of my car this morning, I thought an earth tremor was underway.  All the creaking and groaning and rumbling of ice around the posts in the boathouses made for some interesting sounds.

I took a drive up to Bickford Line along the river after work.  A tug and barge was stuck off Walpole in the distance.
Samuel Risley and James L. Kuber and barge

The open spot at the Sombra ferry dock is much smaller.  Only a few waterfowl in there.  The ferry, shut down for over 3 weeks, will not be running anytime soon!

As I headed into town, that Snowy Owl was still present!  I did not really think that I would see it again, but there it was.....

'Burg Snowy

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