Saturday, January 25, 2014

River Run

Typical Scene Today

Needless to say I slept in today.  I waited for things to settle down a bit and for the sun to come out.  I headed out mid morning under sunny skies, but by the time I got to Port Lambton, it was a blizzard!  So much for that.
Feeders were busier than usual today so I watched them.  Not a lot coming this winter, but two Red-breasted Nuthatches and a White-breasted were nice to see.  Strange as it may seem, it is the first time I have seen a white nuthatch at the feeder this winter!  As well, I thought there was only one red nuthatch.

By mid afternoon the sun was out again so I was out again!  The new snow was blowing around, but it was not too bad along the St. Clair River.  First stop was the Sombra ferry dock.  The local resident had just put out feed, so the mallards were in a frenzy.

I decided to go as far as Corunna since a friend reported 24 (!) Bald Eagles there this morning.  A few were around but the bulk had dispersed.

The mouth of Talfourd Creek is open and a few ducks and other waterfowl were there. A Double-crested Cormorant is wintering there as well.
Hooded Mergansers are numerous here.  Perhaps those eagles like them.
Hoodless Merganser?

On the way home I swung inland to the solar farm.  Nothing there, but as I approached Holt Line on Baseline Road, I spotted a Snowy Owl in flight. It alighted on a pole at the corner.

After looking at that I turned east on Holt, but I spotted another Snowy Owl!

This darker bird I assume to be the one that was at the solar farm earlier in the winter.  The other is no doubt the one that has been along Holt Line all winter.

I was hoping to see the one just outside Wallaceburg for a hat trick, but no luck.

Photos taken by Canon G16.

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  1. Believe it or not, your pictures make me homesick.