Monday, January 27, 2014

Drifting Around

Yesterday I decided to take a drive down to Rondeau Park.  Roads were not all that great still and the relentless wind kept blowing. It was almost clear in Wallaceburg, but farther south the weather quickly deteriorated.
Many spots along Kent Bridge Road had mountains of snow due to drifting.  The wind really whips up in almost treeless Chatham-Kent!  Front-end loaders were working to move the snow.

I had heard that mountainous drifts were around the cottages and houses along Rondeau Bay.  Some places looked buried!  People who have live along the lake for decades have never seen drifting so extensive!

No doubt many birds have perished/buried in this snow and extreme cold this winter.

a feisty Tree Sparrow showed up in the yard yesterday

Lots of snow piled up in the park store area.  I could not even see the dock.  Recently the dock was blocked off due to the shifting of posts and planks.  Looks like the old dock will have to be replaced or extensively repaired if it is in the budget.

Some open water on Lake Erie.  There were some ducks east of the park.

Saw this creature perched east of the park.

Things had settled down today.  I headed to Sarnia after work and main roads were fine.  I saw the one Snowy Owl along Holt Line atop that barn.  Looked like the darker bird.

Brander Park

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