Friday, November 15, 2013

Today's Owl

After taking off a bit early from work this afternoon (seemed like a long week!), I went for a walk up at Perch Creek near Sarnia.  Found this little owl.

Saw-whets and Long-eared Owls regularly winter at the area despite very little roosting habitat.  It is a good spot for American Robins and Eastern Bluebirds as well.  Bohemian Waxwings can be see there sometimes as well, but I have only come across them there once.
The old Blackwell Landfill is adjacent and a good spot to see Short-eared Owls and hawks.  Saw a light-morph Rough-legged today.
Last year was good for redpolls.  Not sure if we will see any at all this year!

On another note an interesting book I read this fall is about the Kirtland's Warbler.

It is a sought-after species during migration in May. I have seen a few at Pelee and one at Rondeau.


  1. Blake, amazing looks at Saw whet Owls! I was amazed to see your name in your ebird widget!! Are you going to start to enter your records into ebird?