Thursday, November 14, 2013

Seawatching Book

A new book came out this year that I highly recommend.  In the Peterson reference guide series, Seawatching features Eastern waterbirds in flight.  Waterbirds are included with fabulous photos of the the birds in flight.  Our very own Brandon Holden has some photos in it!
There is a section at the end that describes key sites to watch waterbirds.  In our area, Sarnia/Port Huron is listed, Bruce Peninsula and of course Van Wagners Beach. (Sorry, I do not see Point Pelee listed, lol).

I just got it so I am not going to review it here, but it can be bought for a very good price under $30.00 from book distributors like Amazon.

It will make a good Christmas gift to give to someone or better yet, put in a request of your own on your wish list.


  1. Yes Blake, please get me one for Christmas!

  2. I may have to get you one. Santa certainly won't bring one since you were a bad boy this year!