Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rondeau is Shrinking!

Spent some time at Rondeau this morning.  Huge amount of erosion the south shore of south point trail.
This bench used to be a ways from the water!

Amazing what wind and water can do.

Sands of Time

Many ducks and loons migrating around on the lake today, but I did not spot anything unusual.  We still need a Pacific Loon for Rondeau!

White-winged Scoters

A few Snow Buntings were on the shoreline.  Here is one:

Other notes:
A few Yellow-rumped Warblers here and there today.  Some will stay the winter in the campground.
Carolina Wrens are everywhere this year.  Hopefully a good count will be made in a month.
Dark-eyed Juncos were plentiful all over today.
One swallow we saw (likely a Tree) was on Rondeau Bay off the park dock.
Snow Geese seem to be scarce this fall.  One was at Ridgetown today.
Several Double-crested Cormorants are at Erieau. Will likely stay for the CBC in a month.

Swung by Mitchell's Bay on the way home.  No shorebirds!  Lots of ducks and coots and a few gulls.

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