Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jaeger Meister and Pelee Purple

I headed down to Point Pelee today as a good SW wind was blowing.  I had this planned a few days ago, but obviously should have been there yesterday!  Number of birds was a far cry from the day before, naturally.  This is about the third time I have missed Pacific Loon at Pelee by one day!  However....

It was an enjoyable day as the weather forecast was totally wrong.  The sun was out most of the day, but the very strong wind did not materialize (at least until well after I left).
As per usual I cannot sleep in, so I managed to be the first one at the Tip today.  I guess I should not mention that Violet-green Swallow I saw.... (just kidding!).  It was obvious that there would not be a huge movement of birds like the day before.  However, lots of ducks were moving keeping us busy.
There were many familiar birders at the Tip today, so things did not go unnoticed. Most waterbirds were moving down the east side where most eyes were directed, and very little on the west side.  However, at one point I casually looked to the west and saw a jaeger heading due south.  I yelled it out and all there got a look  at it as it came into view opposite the very Tip. Obviously it was a Parasitic Jaeger, but a jaeger is a jaeger in these parts!
Shortly after that, a Purple Sandpiper suddenly appeared on the very Tip.  It stayed there for all to view.  Not sure if the Afternoon Shift got it as he came later to set up shop.
Purple sandpiper to the left

Josh going for Purple!

Lots of American Pipits were moving today, as well as goldfinches.  Some sort of hummingbird whizzed by at one point.
Lots of scoters and Common Goldeneye today.

After a few hours, we headed north noting very few landbirds.  A stop at De Laurier revealed hundreds of Cedar Waxwings.  Yesterday Steve and Josh spotted a Bohemian, and it was still around today.  Steve got a glimpse of it as we started on Anders Footpath, but I saw it briefly farther down.

Some Cedar Waxwings

A nice flock of Eastern Bluebirds was at the homestead site.

On my way out I decided to go over to the old Northwest Beach parking lot on a chance that a butterfly would be seen.  Sure enough I managed to get an Orange Sulphur.  Probably the last butterfly I may see this year!
Orange Sulphur


I checked Hillman on the way through and saw several Killdeer, a couple of Pecs and many Dunlin.  I saw one Long-eared Owl in the usual cedars beside Hillman Marsh.

Wheatley Harbour produced nothing of note. (was hoping for a Franklin's Gull--one was at Blenheim today and you will likely hear more about that later).

No Frankie!

Mitchell's Bay had no shorebirds again, but lots of bonies to sort through.  Those three big shorebirds are probably gonwits!

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