Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pelee to Rondeau: Goshawk to Goshawk

Today I went to Point Pelee, but the Snowy Plover had already left!  A number of people came to look to no avail.  A single Dunlin took its place.
While there, some raptors made an appearance including a Golden Eagle and a Northern Goshawk.  Lots of Eastern Bluebirds were moving today at Pelee and Rondeau. Also a meadowlark or two.

After Pelee, I headed over to where the Cattle Egret was reported yesterday.  It was there along the fence with the horses.  Cattle Egrets have been scarce this year--a far cry from two years ago when they were everywhere.  I saw lots two years ago including at three or four I found myself.

The day was still young so I headed over to Erieau. Not much there!  I looked out onto the Bay and it was loaded with ducks.  Had to be a Eurasian Wigeon or two out there!

Next stop was Rondeau where Yellow-rumped Warblers and kinglets were abundant.  On south point trail, I saw another N. Goshawk.
The recent wind has washed out a huge amount of shoreline along south point.

At the campground I found it littered with robins and waxwings.  Lots of Fox Sparrows too.  More bluebirds.

I checked the ducks off the Rondeau Dock and there were lots of wigeon. I knew there had to be a Eurasian in there, but I could not find it. But, Allen Woodliffe did a little later!  I was not surprised.

Tomorrow looks like a better day.

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