Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rondeau Area Today--Euro Wigeon, Cattle Egret

A clear crisp day made for some pleasant birding today.  I decided to check Rondeau's campground first for a change.  Still lots of waxwings and robins.  Many of the Red Cedars are just festooned with berries this year.

Some Purple Finches were around but that was it for non-resident finches.  Lots of Fox Sparrows are around right now.

Later with Steve and Jim we checked for the Eurasian Wigeon off the Rondeau dock.  It is predictable this time of year that one or two will appear.  After some searching, we found it.  Lots of ducks to sort through.  It was too distant for a photo.

Later I walked south point trail even though I knew it was quiet.  A few kinglets were around and one Eastern Phoebe.

After a lunch in Blenheim, I got a message about a Cattle Egret near Erie Beach.  I was only ten minutes away, and I found it with no problem.  It was right beside the road!

Looks like an influx of Cattle Egrets is underway as several have been reported the last few days.

Our next stop was Blenheim Lagoons.  Lots of bonies hanging around there!  Shorebirds included two Greater Yellowlegs, two Pectoral Sandpipers and a Least Sandpiper.  Getting late for the least, but of course not record late.  The latest I have had there was 18 November 2004.

It was a good day for hawk migration, especially Red-tailed.  Many were going over the lagoons at very high altitudes. The lagoons can be a good vantage point on the right day.  Years ago I recall having a Western Red-tailed Hawk there.

With one more walk needed, I headed down to McGeachy Pond.  A few birds were along the dike, including a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher that did not co-operate for a photo.

Many wasp nests visible:

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