Friday, October 4, 2013

Snowy and Marbled, Again!

Decided to go out to Mitchell's Bay this evening.  Weather forecast was wrong again  today, so it was a pleasant day. I arrived at the parking lot just as Sean and David Jenniskens arrived too.  No doubt they were after the Snowy Egret and Marbled Godwit!
The godwit was feeding in its usual spot, but shortly after we got a good look, it took off due to some boat traffic.  It headed out onto the lake and we never saw it again.
The Snowy Egret was nowhere to be seen, but lots of Great Egrets were about.

Since the Jenniskens had never been over to the waterfront trail, I took them over for a walk.  More Great Egrets were seen.  At one point we saw an egret over the lake.  It seemed small and had fast wing beats.  I was pretty sure it was the Snowy, but lighting was difficult.  It came from the end of Angler Line.
Lots of Canada Geese were coming in off the lake to sit in the fields.  Many Pied-billed Grebes were seen on the lake amongst Mallards and other ducks. A flock of Pectoral Sandpipers flew over as well.
Several Yellow-rumped Warblers were along the way and a couple of Eastern Phoebes.

Out of curiosity we went back to the park and sure enough the Snowy Egret was out on the mudflat.  It soon took off to roost somewhere and it headed back in the direction of the end of Angler Line.  It must roost in the trees there somewhere!

Some other things from the recent trip to Algonquin Park....

neat fungus (old airfield)

Black Duck (very common!)

Autumn Meadowhawk

Band-winged Meadowhawk

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