Monday, September 30, 2013

Mitchell Bay Regulars

I made a quick run out to Mitchell Bay (thought I would use the original more correct name!) after supper and saw the Marbled Godwit and Snowy Egret.  I finally caught up with this Snowy!  It was standing on a log near a Great Egret.  Good for size comparison.

One wonders how long they will stay.  This is at least ten days for the two.  This spot should be checked regularly for all the potential it has.  In early July, two Cattle Egrets were photographed in the same spot by the photographer who initially found the present two birds!

On another note, I heard from Colin Jones today about the Aphrodite Fritillary I found at Algonquin Park last Tuesday September 24.  As I knew, it was certainly was record late and last date they have for the species is September 13.  Colin also mentioned other known late dates in the province, namely Oct 2, 1971 – Norfolk Co. and Sept 26, 1992 – Matachewan.

Looks like an exceptionally warm and nice week so little in the way of good bird movements.  However, things always show up!


Ragged Falls west of Algonquin Park

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  1. Blake,
    I think I was standing at the top of Ragged Falls (Oxtonue River) this summer. Great view from up there!