Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rondeau Butterbutts

Today's Sunrise

I headed down to Rondeau this morning. Winds were very light out of the SSW so it was warm.  It was evident from the start that hundreds of Yellow-rumped Warblers and kinglets were all over.  Some trees were loaded with them!  I managed to come up with ten species of warblers in the park, but several were singletons.  Black-throated Blue Warblers were the most popular next to the butter-butts.  It is a common warbler--there were lots up at Algonquin on my recent trip.

Not many sparrows have come in yet it seems.  Only few White-throated here and there that I could see.
Winter Wrens were in good numbers today.
The lake was active on the east side with lots of gulls and cormorants.  A few Horned Grebes were out there.
Some birds present today that we did not see last Sunday included Brown Thrasher, Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.  Actually I had a few gnatcatchers today.
I spent three hours in the park sorting through the birds.  It started out gloomy, but the sun eventually came out for a few hours, then disappeared again!

At one point I came across this co-operative Bald Eagle.  I got fairly close, but lighting was poor (after all it was the weekend).

I went down to Erieau as well.  At the R/R track trail, Yellow-rumps were streaming through.  Over 250 went through by the time I got to the viewing stand.  Not much else there!
I checked the start of McGeachy and came across a Northern Waterthrush.  Getting late for them, but of course far from record late.

Several other birds were there as well.
American Redstart

Last stop was Blenheim Lagoons.  And, yes it is open again!  No edge left anymore, so shorebirds were on the concrete wondering what was going on.  However, the sprinkler cells are now cleaned out and have mud.  Two were working and some shorebirds were in.  Just both yellowlegs and pectoral that I could see.
I walked all around the lagoons.  A good variety of ducks present including about 15 Ring-necked Ducks which is good for this date.  Lots of Lesser Scaup in as well.
The back pond has opened up so has good habitat for ducks.
On my walk I found a skunking Sora.  Difficult to get a photo!

Rusty Blackbirds were in the shrubbery as well.

Some butterflies today included this Buckeye (rosa form).

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