Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slow Sunday!

Things did not pan out today and birding was slow as a turtle around here.
#A40 at Algonquin

I went to Pelee since a decent SW wind was blowing.  It was not decent enough.  Apparently yesterday was a better day there (Franklin's Gull, among others).  That is what you get for looking at the weather forecast!
A couple of Lesser Black-backed Gulls were on the Tip sand early this morning.  Nothing else of note.

Some scoters and other ducks (several Green-winged Teal) went by and a couple of Horned Grebes.  Saw one hummingbird fly off the Tip.  Land birds were scarce except for a large number of Yellow-rumped Warblers on De Laurier.

After checking Wheatley Harbour, I headed up to Tilbury.  Not much there either!  A couple of Wilson's Snipe were sleeping in the lagoon.  An Osprey was circling the lagoon.

I drove along the Thames and even stopped at St. Clair NWA.  Lots of geese but no Snows!
The saving grace for the day was the ever-present Marbled Godwit at Mitchell's Bay.  No sign of the Snowy Egret today. Maybe it was at Ticky Tacky Point!  I did quite a bit of searching around the area.  At least a dozen Great Egrets are in the area.

Along the waterfront trail, I came across a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and an Indigo Bunting among other things.
Towards St. Anne's Island there is a group of American Coots numbering somewhat under 1000.  Seems to be a good gathering spot for them as last year (October 23) I estimated about 6000 there!

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